Our Mission

Our mission is to provide rural communities in our target area with the necessary skills to act as self-confident Tanzanian citizens: Knowing about their rights and how to claim them, understanding actual political processes and how to influence them, analyzing reasons for poverty and finding paths of sustainable development.

In the actual situation of imminent uranium mining our special mission is to inform affected communities and the Tanzanian public in general about the effects that uranium mining will have and to assist people to claim their rights.

CESOPE’s main objective is to bring together the people from Tanzania mainland and other nations wishing to realize and mobilize their talent and potential in the spirit of promoting socio-economic development, protection of the environment and raise awareness on the global poverty crisis:

CESOPE will, specifically, target all environmentally impacted areas as well as poverty stricken areas in Tanzania mainland. In particular, it will:

  • ┬áraise awareness and understanding of the essential linkage between environment development and promote individual and community participation in environmental action
  • work, manage and control the environment toward preventing depletion of natural resources
  • improve the condition of productivity of degraded areas including urban and rural settlements in order that all Tanzanians may live in safe, sanitary, hygienic and healthy life
  • initiate activities that will help people acquire clean and safe water essential for health and economic activities
  • To make a contribution toward enhancing the quality and effectiveness of policies concerned with poverty reduction
  • Eradication of poverty through support of educational development programs in rural areas
  • Fundraising activities so as to implement the association projects
  • Information collection and dissemination
  • Training and consultation
  • Conducting workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums and meetings