Our Vision

We are convinced that Civil Education is the prerequisite for reaching other development goals like eradicating poverty or sustainable use of natural resources. Civil education will enable people to actively participate in the development of their home areas and the nation. When people know about the rights that the constitution and specific laws are providing to them they can hold the political leaders accountable and influence actual political decisions. This will strengthen democracy and help to reduce detrimental processes like corruption. As self-confident citizens people will commit themselves to serve their nation.

CESOPE believes that civil education is the only way to eradicate poverty in Tanzanian rural communities through the promotion of sustainable utilization of natural resources, and sustainable environment management.

CESOPE seeks to raise the standard of living of the people of Tanzania by getting them to responsibly participate in the improvement of various aspects of the environment in which they live. We are committed to realizing this mission by providing the targeted population with the needed technical and material support for them to be able to protect and manage their environment responsibly.

CESOPE believes that the environment forms the entire basis of human life. Without it there is no life at all. Environmental degradation is a serious issue in the 21st century. Environmental destruction results from human activities and development problems, which can be minimized if not totally controlled. On other hand, POVERTY poses a great threat to human life. Therefore, there is a need for a concerted effort to halt the spread of POVERTY threats by devising control and preventive measures against it.

CESOPE as a non-governmental organisation aims, on one hand, to promote sustainable utilization of natural resources and sustainable environmental management and contribute in the fight against POVERTY pandemic on the other. CESOPE recognizes government efforts to reduce poverty and integrate environmental concerns in development activities; since government resources are limited hence, therefore individuals, organizations and other stakeholders need to combine their efforts with local and international partners to fight poverty and bring about clean, quality and safe environment.

It is from this background that CESOPE is formed to contribute significantly in the Poverty reduction campaigns and environmental management initiative.