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Currently, we are very concerned about the health of the people living in the so-called “Bahi Swamp”, a vast area ca. 60km West of Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital. The area is extremely fruitful and serves as grassland for cattle as well as a water resource for the ongoingfarming activities.

Recently, we have heard various reports by the people from the villages in the Swamp on health problems they are suffering. Different women,men and children that have come into contact with water from the exploration area aresuffering from eye and skin diseases, some that have drunkenthe water have felt sick immediately afterwards. We assume that this is due to the drilling activities undertaken by some uranium exploration companies in a certain area of the Swamp last summer. Because the drilling holes with diameters of roughly 20cm have not been closed, the water flooding the Swamp in the rainy season might have been polluted by chemicals used for the drilling.

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on “Current Situation
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